Logan's Run

On a mission to destroy Sanctuary, a Sandman falls in love and betrays his lifetime of conditioning.


In the age of government by computer, citizens no longer face the problems of the past. Absolute pleasure, your every desire, it’s all at your fingertips. Life is perfect—that is until Lastday, when your lifeclock begins to blink and you enter a Sleepshop to be quietly euthanized. Or you run! Logan 5, a Sandman genetically engineered to terminate runners, makes sure that’s not an option. But what happens when it’s his turn? Will Logan abandon all that he’s ever known to search for Sanctuary? Find out in this thought-provoking sci-fi thriller that draws from the haunting 1960’s book, the best of the 1970’s film, and the distressing trajectory of current events.

THEME: Overpopulation
SIMILAR TO: Blade Runner, 1984, The Island, Code 46

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