A sexy art dealer discovers a young artist, makes him famous, then kills him so his artwork will become priceless.


You know how when an artist dies, their work goes up in value? The more famous the artist, the more valuable the artwork, right? Well, what if someone decided to cash in on this phenomenon?

Enter GEORGE O’NEIL. Regular college kid. Math major. Serious Dodgers fan. George is last guy you’d expect to become an artist—until he accidentally OD’s on a powerful hallucinogenic that shatters his mind. Tormented by visions the world has never seen, George begins obsessively covering every inch of his apartment with perfectly broken fragments that spiral into beautiful, organic mosaics.

That’s when George is discovered by a sexy art dealer named ALICE SINCLAIRE. Her gallery is owned by MARKUS TSUKATANI, one of the top art collectors in the world. But that’s just his hobby. Tsukatani is really in the human trafficking business. He’s a ruthless supplier for the Yakuza, the Russian Mafia, and a select clientele of senators, sheiks and CEOs. Alice was kidnapped as a teenager and she’s been Tsukatani’s concubine ever since, the crown jewel of his collection. Alice launders money through the gallery, but now she’s in trouble. She needs cash fast—and a lot of it—to escape his clutches. George is Alice’s ticket to freedom. Problem is, she’s falling in love with him.

So who can George trust as he’s seduced into this cut-throat world of art and sex and money? Alice, who’s trapped by her painful past? Her flamboyant lawyer who brokers the deals? Definitely not the nefarious Markus Tsukatani, who’s going to kill them all in a jealous rage! No, George will have to fend for himself in this sexy thriller that asks each of us to decide what’s truly priceless.

GENRE: Erotic Thriller
SIMILAR TO: Body Heat, Bound, The Last Seduction, Pulp Fiction


Priceless is a hip comic thriller that never lets the reader know what’s coming next. We get hook after hook in the first ten pages. As in any mystery, the initial questions are almost as important as the eventual answers, and we are given multiple questions to mull. This story will appeal to a younger audience, no matter if they are European or American.”

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